The 10 Best HDMI Cables

We spent 37 hours researching, filming and editing to review the best selections for this wiki. Whether you're looking to connect your DVD or Blu-Ray player to your new flat screen TV, or you're an avid gamer who wants to extend your vision of the computer to the big screen, an HDMI cable is the answer. We've included a range of options based on length, durability, and price, all of which offer fast data transfer speeds and resolution capabilities of up to 4K. When users buy our independently selected editorial choices, we can earn commissions to support our work.

1. Mediabridge Ultra Series
Each Mediabridge Ultra series is individually hand-tested before being packaged for shipping, so you can rest assured that what you get will work right out of the box. These are durable and reliable connectors designed to last for years.

2. Pack of 3 questions about the cables
If you need to connect several devices close to each other, there is no reason to break the bank with your cho…